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Screen Printing Services

This T-shirt printing process has been a round for a long while. Screen printing mixes new technology for creating artwork by separating designs in to their component colours, while using traditional screens or stencils to build up the design one colour. Screen print produces very vibrant block colours as the ink is very opaque and has a slightly raised texture on the garment once printing, producing very striking T-shirts

The main ink we use is plastisol for a thick and bright finish and special options are available on request, such as metallic inks and neon colours. Our screen printing services have a minimum run of 50 units as each colour requires setting up first, but once this process has been done once there is no further set ups to pay on subsequent orders. There's also substantial discounts available on larger orders.

The process

We separate your design out in to colours, using special software which creates a file for each one to be stenciled later. Once your artwork has been separated in to colours, we can put together a digital mock up on request, for you to view before we commence printing the garments, to make sure your absolutely happy with the colour and positioning of your design.

So here comes the science part; we print black ink on to clear film for each colour in the design. Then we lay that film on a mesh frame or screen covered in photosensitive liquid, which is then exposed to light. The light then hardens the liquid. Then the screen is washed out, which removes all the areas that were covered by the ink on the positive film, this then leaves the final stencilled design for that colour. Then we repeat the process with each subsequent colour. Finally we load the screens on to the machine and pull screen print ink through each one individually to build up the desired colours of the design on to the T-shirt!.

Screen print prices ( per colour )

Print colours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
50 units £1.99 £2.46 £2.93 £3.40 £3.88 £4.35 £4.82 £5.29 £5.77 £6.24
100 units £1.33 £1.67 £2.01 £2.34 £2.68 £3.02 £3.36 £3.69 £4.03 £4.37
200 units £0.89 £1.07 £1.27 £1.47 £1.67 £1.88 £2.08 £2.28 £2.48 £2.69
300 units £0.69 £0.82 £0.96 £1.09 £1.23 £1.36 £1.50 £1.63 £1.77 £1.90
500 units £0.55 £0.64 £0.74 £0.83 £0.93 £1.02 £1.12 £1.21 £1.31 £1.40

Screen printing is best suited to larger runs, if you require less than 50 units, DTG printing is more cost effective.

Advantages and limitations

As this process has a set up charge for every colour, it is more cost effective the more you buy. So any job less than 50 units are not advisable. This process is best suited to block colours and produces a very vibrant print with solid ink coverage. But it is not recommended for photographic prints or complex colour gradients which would be better suited to a digital print.

Artwork submission

Ideally provide vector artwork where possible ie .AI .EPS .PDF etc. We may also be able to use high res raster artwork like .PSD and will try to convert that at no extra charge if possible.

Popular Products

These are the most popular products for screen printing. T-shirts are by far the biggest seller unsurprisingly. It also makes a decent alternative to embroidery for polo shirts for those who like a printed finish. Sweatshirts are also a popular choice as screen print ink covers the chunky knit of these fabrics a bit better than other garment printing processes such as DTG printing.