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The Direct to Garment printing process has been around for about a decade now and it's making developments all the time, in new inks and printers to produce digital prints on to T-shirts and other items. DTG produces a similar end result to screen printing, but the print is produced by an ink jet printer, directly on to the T-shirt. Which can print both white and CMYK fabric inks to produce all most any full colour or photographic image.

The DTG print has virtually no feel on white T-shirts and produces a perfectly soft finish, on colour shirts the finish is similar to screen printing but not quite as thick. There is also no minimum order with DTG printing so you can order as little as one T-shirt.

The Process

Artwork for DTG printing can be printed directly from the digital file, if it supplied in the correct resolution and format. Some small alterations may be required, such as removing the background to print the design on a colour T-shirt and where possible we will do that free of charge

Once the artwork has been prepared, we send that file to the machine to be printed. The T-shirt is flattened on a heat press and loaded in to box which is then fed in to the printer. If we are printing on a colour T-shirt, the printer will print the design in white ink first, this will give the other colours a boost when they are applied later. Then the T-shirt will go in again to print the final full colour design on top, much like your home ink jet printer would.

 Product  Single item  10/each  10/total  25/each  25/total  50/each  50/total  100/each  100/total
T-shirts  £15.00  £10.00  £100.00  £9.00  £225.00  £7.50  £375.00  £6.50  £650.00
Gym Vests  £16.50  £11.50  £115.00  £10.50  £262.50  £9.50  £475.00  £8.50  £850.00
Sweatshirts  £22.00  £17.00  £170.00  £16.00  £400.00  £14.50  £725.00  £13.50  1350.00
 Hoodies  £25.00  £20.00  £200.00  £19.00  £475.00  £17.50  £875.00  £16.50  1650.00

The prices above include a full colour print to one side of the garment, for extra prints add £5.00 per unit.


£15 for bulk orders or £2.50-£5.00 for single items.

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